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Richard Swedberg

speaker Richard-Swedberg

Freitag, 28. Juni 2013: 11:30 - 12:15

Ort: UniS A003 / UniS A-126

Prof. Dr. Richard Swedberg, Cornell University, USA


The Financial Crisis and the Integration of Europe


How has the financial crisis affected the integration in Europe? In trying to answer this question special emphasis will be paid to the role of economic elements in holding a community together or making it fall apart. As it turns out, this is a question that has been discussed from the very beginning of social theory, starting with Saint-Simon and continuing over Marx and Durkheim till today. The European Union, including the Eurozone, has also for a long time had an ideological preference for advancing the integration of Europe through economic means. Some of the dangers with this approach became clear in the financial crisis, especially in the phase that began in the spring of 2009 when the troubles with Greece hit the financial markets. Other ways in which the financial crisis has affected the integration, disintegration and reintegration of EU and the Eurozone will be discussed as well.


Richard Swedberg is Professor of Sociology at Cornell University. His two main areas of research are economic sociology and social theory. His books include (edited with Neil Smelser), The Handbook of Economic Sociology (1994, 2005), (edited with Peter Hedstrom), Social Mechanisms (1997) and Tocqueville's Political Economy (2009). He is currently working on a book on theorizing and some articles on the financial crisis.